Monday, October 3, 2011

Found another picture!

 So I found another picture of the old me today... randomly on facebook. I honestly can not believe that was me. I really don't recognize myself... it's like it's a picture of an older sister or maybe an aunt but not me. Crazy! Ken even said that he just didn't realize that I was that big... it never seemed like it. But now that a lot of the girth is gone, it's a trip to look back and see what once was.

It's been a little while since I last wrote. I have had a few struggles since the last post but mostly been maintaining my new weight (no weight gain... Thank GOD!) and working on my exercise routine. 

We bought an elliptical machine and I love it but it does take a little effort to be consistent. I have to admit... this picture will be my new motivation! I have come so far since this picture... almost 50lbs lost! OMGosh! I can not ever let this happen again... I look so very sad too.... I don't  I look this sad anymore.

(In the background of what was suppose to be a Thanksgiving celebration, is melted butter in a small dish for the cornbread cake I probably made and me holding a cup of liquid sugar poison.)


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Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Nut Allergy...

Well being new to the area of Encinitas, we have ventured out a few times to the 101 for some great atmosphere and food. Sadly this wasn't the case at St Germaines.

I eat a mostly veg/vegan menu and was pleased that they had some vegan friendly items. I asked for the server to check for soy in the veggie burger... I expected him to come back with the verdict for my choices but he emerged with both orders assuring me that there was no soy in the sandwich. Two bites in, I was in trouble.. nausea settled in quickly. The server, nowhere to be found, I asked another server to check if there where nuts in the veggie burger. She returns shortly with our server right on her heels comfirming that yes, there were walnuts in the sandwich. What?! No where on the menu did it state that there were nuts in the veggie burger. I was really disappointed. It really could've been a bad scene for me and the restaurant. My allergy to nuts is no joke. BUT.... thanks to Sunrider, the build up of toxins are leaving my body and I survived the incident... I SURVIVED! (This was huge!)
A very nice woman at the restaurant went and got me some benadryl (though I didn't need to take it surprisingly), she really cared for me. 
 I wrote this on Yelp and got a response back from a former food server who didn't agree with my # of stars (I gave them 2 because it was polite to do so) for the restaurant. Whatever! She did make a good point though, since I can not trust for people to be careful for me I have to be careful for myself and ask if there are nuts in  things like a veggie burger... Who puts NUTS into a VEGGIE burger anyways??!?!!! I will take her advice but the rest... well she knows what she can do with it... :) (Hehehe It's all good y'all.... LOL! It's all good)!

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Got a joke for ya!

A woman, eating a very dense whole food diet, was using the bathroom. The smell offended her terribly. As she was washing her hands and quickly trying to leave the little toilet closet, she wondered aloud, "Whoa!What in high heaven did I eat?!" Just then, she got her answer as she heard the voice of an angel state,"You didn't eat that up here!"

Hahaha... it's good to laugh at yourself from time to time. All jokes aside though, I had to ask why that was. For the past week, I had been experiencing a fluctuation in my movements. They have been more often and more fragrant (not in a good way). The answer I received was eye opening... The Sunrider NBC basics had discovered a plot of land (my imagination at work here) in my digestive tract or colon that had not been turned over for sometime. The words my source used were... "Marion, that is something very old that is being cleansed from your body". WHAT?!! I almost can't imagine that anything could have been that old in me when I am an on time kinda girl (regular).
In doing some research, I found that even though we may be regular in our waste elimination, that the walls of the colon can still have old waste sticking to it. I found this information on it during a web search:

Over time old waste/toxins may build up within the folds of your intestinal wall. Observational evidence suggests this is the result of excessive mucus secretions, stuck food particles, environmental toxins, constipation, etc.

I have to admit, though I have been seriously stinking in that department lately, I am sure glad that it is leaving out of my body and not in. Thank you Sunrider Calli! (Calli is the dense whole food nutrition that feeds the lymphatic system in the body to help us eliminate they way we should).
Knowing that this is a touchy subject for many, I had to start off with a joke (I wrote it myself BTW) but seriously, eliminating waste from our bodies is no joking matter. Think of it this way, if we are constantly putting groceries into our refrigerators but are never taking out the trash... the whole place would stink to high heaven! The same premise applies here. As much as we put into our bodies, what the body can not use has to be emptied out. If not, it just becomes a playground for disease, infections and sicknesses even cancer.
Think about it, comment me on it but do something about it!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I usually....

....only post recipes and food on my recipe page but I just had to share with you our delicious din din tonight.
It's was a really good veggie sandwich that I constructed out of soft ciabatta bread (whole wheat flour and with no soy.. yay!), fresh spinach, sauteed (in a lil EVOO) garlic, onions, mushrooms, red and green bell peppers, zucchini, sliced heirloom tomatoe from our garden, a few jarred artichoke hearts with the juice and some organic mustard.
The apple slices represent the fries. Apples are a great filler and source of fiber. We love apples!
I'm sharing this on my front page with hopes of sharing how simple food can be when it's left to it's simplicity. Though this isn't raw Vegan but it's very tasty and only cooked to a slight tenderness not a mush. The crunch was still very present. The artichoke hearts had a consistency of swiss cheese. When I asked Ken what he thought of that, he replied, "It just tasted really complete." Yep! He was satisfied!!!
Just eat simply people! It doesn't take a lot of flash, whistles or even bells to make a wonderfully delicious and satisfying meal.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

So I was playing a game on Facebook...

... called Baking Life. I think I need to confess right now, I am not a baker. I don't particularly like to bake but I have been known in the past to definitely enjoy some baked goods!
Ok, getting back to the story... I began playing this game on FB called Baking Life where you have to build this cute little bakery and then stock it full of baked goods, sell them to make a profit to be able to buy more things to make your bakery cuter, hipper.. etc and get these little crazy hype and style points. Really, thinking about it know, this played on my gluttony and vanity traits so well. I love to eat, serve and be as fashionable as possible. UGH,  way too clever! Well anyways, I noticed that I have been craving something sweet everyday for the past 7 days.. I've been playing for 8. I wanted a little chocolate this day, then I wanted a little ice cream that day and so on. I didn't really put 2 and 2 together until I found myself nibbling on a plain buttermilk donut at a meeting yesterday (OMG... I was in back to back to back meetings yesterday!!) everyone at the meeting was remarking on how they never see me eat donuts anymore.... What was I doing??! Had I been subliminally brainwashed to want sweets or had I did this to myself??? I think a little of both. Now anyone on the outside, looking in could see the writing on the wall... what was I doing playing a game called 'Baking Life'... didn't I realize that it would lead me down a road of regret? (Ken laughed when I finally figured it out and confessed... he too thought it was strange)
Well, needless to say, I have since quit my little online 'Baking Life' addiction and am seeking entertainment elsewhere... reading The China Study, watching a movie or just going for a walk. Funny how the brain works.. all you have to do is play in an area of taboo and you can find yourself right in the middle of the murky waters of it. 

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OMG! Banana Ice Cream???

So today I was feeling a little sweet tooth come on and I just needed a lil' something to satisfy that craving... I already had my NuPlus (which I LOVE!) but this craving had a little bite to it. I remembered a recipe in my new Raw Vegan Recipe Book by Ani Phyo's Raw Food Essentials (Love this book!) for ice cream made from frozen bananas. I really wanted to try it and what better time then the present, I just so happened to have 3 ripe, peeled frozen bananas in the freezer.
Now I have to admit, I didn't think it was going to work because the banana halves I placed in the food processor just spun around, giving little if any creamy goodness but I proceeded onward. We (me and Ken) decided to put the chunks into our powerhouse blender and see if that would work... the best it offered me was to break down the big chunks into little chunks... that would work!
We transferred the bananas back into the food processor, added a little water and watched the magic happen right before our eyes. It instantly changed into the creamy sweet goodness that I was seriously thinking I would never have again (in good conscious anyway).Honestly, I have been secretly mourning the death of ice cream in my life ever since I decided to change the way I eat and look at food.
Thinking back on it now, ice cream was never really been my friend. Being a glutton for punishment as I can be, can be very satisfying when you think you are getting what you want, better yet, what you need....NOT! Ice cream gave me neither of those. In all actuality it has left me gassy to the extinct of sickness, severely bloated, fatigue and straight chunkiness. Sad really. How we formulate relationships with things that are not relative or worthy of relationship.. it's just food and made to satisfy and strengthen us, that is all. Funny how I finally get that now.
My mother would tell me, "Timing is everything Marion." Those words, I have kept with me because of how very true they are. How many times have I said, "Man, if someone had of told me about eating a dense whole food diet 10+ years ago, where would I be?!" only to realize that I would probably be in the same place. I wasn't ready to hear it then.... I was quite sick enough to comprehend it. I was too busy proving to myself and others that I was a good cook and could flip your wig with some delicious and decadent dishes that make you wanna kick a puppy (those are Ken's words not mine).
Knowing now that my health is my wealth and my family and friends are my treasures has made such an extreme difference in my outlook on life. I have changed and am changing daily, for the better. Thank you Lord Jesus, Thank you Dr. Patti, Thank you Sunrider!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recent happenings...

Hi all! It has been a LONG time since I last wrote. Things have been really crazy for me these last 6-7 months. I change jobs and so I changed responsibilities, which changed my amount of free time I have. In essence, it has affected my journal time.
Well after the move to North San Diego County, I discovered that it is a lot cooler up here... in the winter, it is just down right cold! This has a very hard affect on me and my eating. I began to eat more cooked foods and adding meat (Phil's BBQ baby back ribs had me by the throat and I was loving it!) back into the menu. That is when I really started seeing my weight escalate. I even began to eat more dairy (some of the best pizza places are just .5 miles from my home). It was really getting out of control, I was gaining weight and feeling pretty awful about it. I never stopped eating my Sunrider dense whole food nutrition but I really needed to get a handle on what I was putting in my mouth and to understand what those types of foods (dairy and meat) were doing to my body.
There is a great program through Sunrider called "The Biggest Winner". It's actually developed by one of the successful Sunriders in my group, Elaine Smith. This 7 week program has seriously changed my life! I am on my 2nd go round and am planning a 3rd when it comes up in August. The difference in what I eat to how I think about food is like night and day compared to they way it once was. I think I was eating what I thought was right rather then eating what I learned was right for my body. My body is talking and I am listening... I can actually hear what it wants.
I have learned so much and will be sharing as time goes on. I have made the decision to become a health coach to all those who are looking for someone to help them with their journey to better health. I am excited by all the information I have learned and am putting it all to the test in my own life. Experience has been a great teacher.

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Me before and after...

 Here are 2 pictures of me. The 1st one was taken in 2010 and the 2nd was taken June 2011. Crazy! What a difference Sunrider is making in my life! DENSE WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION is the only way baby!!!
***41 lbs lost since I started Sunrider Dense Wholefood Nutrition***

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