Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OMG! Banana Ice Cream???

So today I was feeling a little sweet tooth come on and I just needed a lil' something to satisfy that craving... I already had my NuPlus (which I LOVE!) but this craving had a little bite to it. I remembered a recipe in my new Raw Vegan Recipe Book by Ani Phyo's Raw Food Essentials (Love this book!) for ice cream made from frozen bananas. I really wanted to try it and what better time then the present, I just so happened to have 3 ripe, peeled frozen bananas in the freezer.
Now I have to admit, I didn't think it was going to work because the banana halves I placed in the food processor just spun around, giving little if any creamy goodness but I proceeded onward. We (me and Ken) decided to put the chunks into our powerhouse blender and see if that would work... the best it offered me was to break down the big chunks into little chunks... that would work!
We transferred the bananas back into the food processor, added a little water and watched the magic happen right before our eyes. It instantly changed into the creamy sweet goodness that I was seriously thinking I would never have again (in good conscious anyway).Honestly, I have been secretly mourning the death of ice cream in my life ever since I decided to change the way I eat and look at food.
Thinking back on it now, ice cream was never really been my friend. Being a glutton for punishment as I can be, can be very satisfying when you think you are getting what you want, better yet, what you need....NOT! Ice cream gave me neither of those. In all actuality it has left me gassy to the extinct of sickness, severely bloated, fatigue and straight chunkiness. Sad really. How we formulate relationships with things that are not relative or worthy of relationship.. it's just food and made to satisfy and strengthen us, that is all. Funny how I finally get that now.
My mother would tell me, "Timing is everything Marion." Those words, I have kept with me because of how very true they are. How many times have I said, "Man, if someone had of told me about eating a dense whole food diet 10+ years ago, where would I be?!" only to realize that I would probably be in the same place. I wasn't ready to hear it then.... I was quite sick enough to comprehend it. I was too busy proving to myself and others that I was a good cook and could flip your wig with some delicious and decadent dishes that make you wanna kick a puppy (those are Ken's words not mine).
Knowing now that my health is my wealth and my family and friends are my treasures has made such an extreme difference in my outlook on life. I have changed and am changing daily, for the better. Thank you Lord Jesus, Thank you Dr. Patti, Thank you Sunrider!

If you want to find out more about becoming Nutritionally balanced, contact me at missmarionrenee@gmail.com.

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