Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tam's Thai on Adams Avenue... Black Rice??

So Ken and I went for a walk to Adams Avenue one evening 2 weeks ago. Kind alike an art trip as he is always seeking out new suppliers and classes to help hone his skills and his teaching knowledge. We decided to look for a place to grab something to eat which is always a challenge as most restaurants cater to "meat eaters". I always find myself getting more creative then what is on the menus hoping to inspire a change. ( I digress)...
Anyways we stumbled upon this very friendly, smiling face Asian woman beckoning for us to come her way and give her a try... her words. We obliged... it was a very small little restaurant with lavender painted walls and lots of little nick knacks to prove that a woman ran the shop. We had her curry potato rolls with this amazing black fried rice with NO MSG (so very important, please read this!). We were so very impressed with her.

Tam came out twice with a package of rice, showing me the label and where she got it... really encouraging me to get some Black Rice.. to make it at home and to stop eating white rice which has no real nutritional value in it. Not only did she make a mean fried rice (no eggs of course!) but she was talking and teaching health and telling us about how the sizes of people are changing because of the lack of the proper nutrients and she claimed Black Rice was a key source of these nutrients. I had to try it!

We now eat black rice mixed with a multi grain rice that she strongly suggested called Mogami 8 Blended Whole Grain Rice. There is Short Grain, Long Grain, Brown Rice, Black Rice, Maple Rice, Red Rice, Red Whet and Barley in it. I mix this rice with more Black Rice and some Calrose (because I have so much of it).  It has a meaty smell when cooked and a hearty taste. I made my own fried rice with it (not like Tam's but good) and we like it.

I had to share this with you. Please read the MSG and Black Rice articles... you will be so informed. I love to hear your comments on this.

It's been a long while...

Yes, it's been a long while since last I wrote. So much has happened since April 24... my last entry. Glad to say that things are getting better.
Since my last entry, I have been concentrating on my vegan diet and understanding what being a vegan is all about and how this lifestyle change has not only affected my personal menu but it has also affected how I socialize, where I spend my time (Henry's mostly) and how I interact with food.
I have been steady on my Calli (missing a day here or there but always getting myself back on the horse... my day doesn't feel right without it) but not so much on the NuPlus until very recently. I am thankful to be getting back to my routine of concentrated nutrition. Lord knows I need it!
I am glad to also say that I have maintained the 25lbs of weight lose from earlier this year and now that I am back on track & will be looking forward to the next 25 gone! I have also taken a more active role in my recovery by walking just a little more and I bought a Shake Weight...Ha!! I like it though... I am still trying to get use to the odd motion of it in some of the exercises but for the most part... 6mins is a very little sacrifice for firmer looking and feeling arms. I will post pics in a day or so of my before and then 30 days later my after... hoping for the best!