Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's been a long while...

Yes, it's been a long while since last I wrote. So much has happened since April 24... my last entry. Glad to say that things are getting better.
Since my last entry, I have been concentrating on my vegan diet and understanding what being a vegan is all about and how this lifestyle change has not only affected my personal menu but it has also affected how I socialize, where I spend my time (Henry's mostly) and how I interact with food.
I have been steady on my Calli (missing a day here or there but always getting myself back on the horse... my day doesn't feel right without it) but not so much on the NuPlus until very recently. I am thankful to be getting back to my routine of concentrated nutrition. Lord knows I need it!
I am glad to also say that I have maintained the 25lbs of weight lose from earlier this year and now that I am back on track & will be looking forward to the next 25 gone! I have also taken a more active role in my recovery by walking just a little more and I bought a Shake Weight...Ha!! I like it though... I am still trying to get use to the odd motion of it in some of the exercises but for the most part... 6mins is a very little sacrifice for firmer looking and feeling arms. I will post pics in a day or so of my before and then 30 days later my after... hoping for the best!

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