Wednesday, April 21, 2010


These have been some very emotional days for me recently as lot of changes are happening all around me. My body is slimming at an incredible rate (though sometimes I still feel like it's not fast enough... impatience, go figure), work is piling up on me and I now I gotta move on it but my motivation lately has been very low towards it... I blame sunrider for it! If I didn't feel so doggone good, I wouldn't want to take long walks and be in the sun all the time (though the sun has been here and there lately with it's rays, when it comes out I'm all in it!) and etc meaning, it's way too much to go into right now.
I did have a break through yesterday as I went on my 1st 10 mile walk in years... when I was a kid and had more ambition then money, I walked everywhere gladly. Honestly I was just glad that I could go so walking wasn't an issue but as I got older and got more $.. I was blessed with cars and now a big honking truck... I hardly ever walk. Times have changed, I am walking and 10 miles no less.
Tonight, I plan on going to my new Belly Dancing class... it's really a lot of fun. I am hoping to melt more of my core away as with all the shrinkage it is truly holding on for dear life and seems to be looking more prominent but I know that's because everything else is melting away.
I will post a picture soon. Still don't have a working traditional camera yet but it's in the works!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Funny how...

As I washed dishes this morning, a few random thoughts went flying around in my head about then and now instances. Like....

  • Isn't funny how back in the old days (like 1500s -1800s), girth was a sign of wealth and well being whereas those who were slim and fit were mostly those who worked hard in the fields (and such) and ate only vegetables and wild game if they could find it.
  • Isn't funny how sugar was for the elite and wealthy only.. they were the only ones who could afford it. Ken and I were talking about that and he said,"Yeah for the birthday parties they were lucking to get a fine hen and fresh veggies for the celebration let alone a homemade pudding or tart." Tart doesn't sound good to me at all! (remember Chai Tea wa only for royalty until the early 1900s when the secret was out.. that's just sugar, spice and milk)
I find it funny how, what was once a symbol of status is now a symbol of poverty, for it is reported that obesity is a poor people or poverty line thing. It's so crazy to go into a grocery store and pay $1.50 for an organic head of lettuce but pay only .79 cents for one that has been sprayed to death with pesticides... don't those pesticides cost more money then just water and compost?? I really wonder what's really going??!
I recently met with the editor of Edible San Diego and listened to her explain to me the real cost of food... that's interesting, I thought I was paying the real cost. I see what it really costs when it leaves my pocket each and every time! But as I listened I began to understand. If food was priced at what it really cost to produce it, I believe that line of what the?! would be better defined and I believe we would all look at food differently.
Food Inc talks about how the manufacturing companies pay the farmers to over produce corn, well below the cost to manufacture it so that it can be used to make a whole array of products that you would never suspect would have corn in it... durcell batteries, coke soda, twinkies, cows, chickens, fish, pigs... etc. In return, we see the meat getting bigger and bigger and our waistlines expanding right along with them because it's all a filler... fluff. We can not live on fillers and fluffs we must have sustaining foods... we all know that.
The consensus is, pay more for the right foods now to have a better life or pay a lot more later for your medications and hospitals and specialists to try to heal from what could have been prevented by eating the right regenerating foods.

I love what J.W. (Sunrider Officinado)  says, "We spend our health to make our wealth and then spend our wealth to get back our health."
I think that sums it up perfectly.

Happy Wednesday to you all!

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