Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recent happenings...

Hi all! It has been a LONG time since I last wrote. Things have been really crazy for me these last 6-7 months. I change jobs and so I changed responsibilities, which changed my amount of free time I have. In essence, it has affected my journal time.
Well after the move to North San Diego County, I discovered that it is a lot cooler up here... in the winter, it is just down right cold! This has a very hard affect on me and my eating. I began to eat more cooked foods and adding meat (Phil's BBQ baby back ribs had me by the throat and I was loving it!) back into the menu. That is when I really started seeing my weight escalate. I even began to eat more dairy (some of the best pizza places are just .5 miles from my home). It was really getting out of control, I was gaining weight and feeling pretty awful about it. I never stopped eating my Sunrider dense whole food nutrition but I really needed to get a handle on what I was putting in my mouth and to understand what those types of foods (dairy and meat) were doing to my body.
There is a great program through Sunrider called "The Biggest Winner". It's actually developed by one of the successful Sunriders in my group, Elaine Smith. This 7 week program has seriously changed my life! I am on my 2nd go round and am planning a 3rd when it comes up in August. The difference in what I eat to how I think about food is like night and day compared to they way it once was. I think I was eating what I thought was right rather then eating what I learned was right for my body. My body is talking and I am listening... I can actually hear what it wants.
I have learned so much and will be sharing as time goes on. I have made the decision to become a health coach to all those who are looking for someone to help them with their journey to better health. I am excited by all the information I have learned and am putting it all to the test in my own life. Experience has been a great teacher.

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