Thursday, July 14, 2011

I usually....

....only post recipes and food on my recipe page but I just had to share with you our delicious din din tonight.
It's was a really good veggie sandwich that I constructed out of soft ciabatta bread (whole wheat flour and with no soy.. yay!), fresh spinach, sauteed (in a lil EVOO) garlic, onions, mushrooms, red and green bell peppers, zucchini, sliced heirloom tomatoe from our garden, a few jarred artichoke hearts with the juice and some organic mustard.
The apple slices represent the fries. Apples are a great filler and source of fiber. We love apples!
I'm sharing this on my front page with hopes of sharing how simple food can be when it's left to it's simplicity. Though this isn't raw Vegan but it's very tasty and only cooked to a slight tenderness not a mush. The crunch was still very present. The artichoke hearts had a consistency of swiss cheese. When I asked Ken what he thought of that, he replied, "It just tasted really complete." Yep! He was satisfied!!!
Just eat simply people! It doesn't take a lot of flash, whistles or even bells to make a wonderfully delicious and satisfying meal.

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