Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Nut Allergy...

Well being new to the area of Encinitas, we have ventured out a few times to the 101 for some great atmosphere and food. Sadly this wasn't the case at St Germaines.

I eat a mostly veg/vegan menu and was pleased that they had some vegan friendly items. I asked for the server to check for soy in the veggie burger... I expected him to come back with the verdict for my choices but he emerged with both orders assuring me that there was no soy in the sandwich. Two bites in, I was in trouble.. nausea settled in quickly. The server, nowhere to be found, I asked another server to check if there where nuts in the veggie burger. She returns shortly with our server right on her heels comfirming that yes, there were walnuts in the sandwich. What?! No where on the menu did it state that there were nuts in the veggie burger. I was really disappointed. It really could've been a bad scene for me and the restaurant. My allergy to nuts is no joke. BUT.... thanks to Sunrider, the build up of toxins are leaving my body and I survived the incident... I SURVIVED! (This was huge!)
A very nice woman at the restaurant went and got me some benadryl (though I didn't need to take it surprisingly), she really cared for me. 
 I wrote this on Yelp and got a response back from a former food server who didn't agree with my # of stars (I gave them 2 because it was polite to do so) for the restaurant. Whatever! She did make a good point though, since I can not trust for people to be careful for me I have to be careful for myself and ask if there are nuts in  things like a veggie burger... Who puts NUTS into a VEGGIE burger anyways??!?!!! I will take her advice but the rest... well she knows what she can do with it... :) (Hehehe It's all good y'all.... LOL! It's all good)!

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