Monday, October 3, 2011

Found another picture!

 So I found another picture of the old me today... randomly on facebook. I honestly can not believe that was me. I really don't recognize myself... it's like it's a picture of an older sister or maybe an aunt but not me. Crazy! Ken even said that he just didn't realize that I was that big... it never seemed like it. But now that a lot of the girth is gone, it's a trip to look back and see what once was.

It's been a little while since I last wrote. I have had a few struggles since the last post but mostly been maintaining my new weight (no weight gain... Thank GOD!) and working on my exercise routine. 

We bought an elliptical machine and I love it but it does take a little effort to be consistent. I have to admit... this picture will be my new motivation! I have come so far since this picture... almost 50lbs lost! OMGosh! I can not ever let this happen again... I look so very sad too.... I don't  I look this sad anymore.

(In the background of what was suppose to be a Thanksgiving celebration, is melted butter in a small dish for the cornbread cake I probably made and me holding a cup of liquid sugar poison.)


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  1. Lookin' fabulous! Congratulations on the new you!


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