Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well.... !

I have to be completely honest. I hit a wall. I had one of the most dis-encouraged days since I started this journey. Let me start a little closer to the beginning....

About 2 days ago, my husband and I went on a walk to help get some blood flowing and burn off some extra calories (basically, squeezing the sponge). I get it in my mind to have a Cannoli from a local Italian Restaurant on the way home.. I figured I better have one before my taste buds for sugar completely leave... well, too late. They are gone! The chocolate was bitter and the sugar from the filling laid flat in my mouth. It was truly a sad day for me, I guess I didn't realize how much the Sunrider foods would change me and just how fast it would happen.
Today, after waiting a little too late to get some substance in me, I decided to stop off at Henry's but some cheese and make myself a delicious and well deserved Eggplant sandwich... hmmmm, my favorite! I figured I have given up so much, maybe even too much and that I could at least have a little cheese from time to time. Now grant it, I have watched all the seminars from Sunrider and have read countless articles on alkaline vs. acidic foods to know better on this move but I just had to see for myself. Milk is a no-no for me anyways but I have always indulged in cheese. I just love cheese.
We went for our evening walk in beautiful Coronado. The ocean breeze, the starry sky, tourists and quaint little shops are all a must experience. Everything seemed fine, I was feeling a little bloatie but I just dismissed it as I must of had 1 too many bites at dinner...all of a sudden, almost with no warning... my delicious Eggplant sandwich was backing out the way it came in and there was nothing I could do about it.... I ran off the main drag and let it go... cheese cheese and more cheese. I must have nibbled on about 3 pieces of Swiss before placing 2 nice slices on my lovely sandwich.  I know, this is a bit graphic and I am not trying to be gross but this is a blog about my journey on Sunrider and this is apart of that journey.
What I have read and have been schooled by my adoring husband is that DAIRY IS MUCUS CAUSING (Drinking a cup of milk is like drinking a cup of mucus. Cheese has this quality 100-fold, being concentrated milk. It takes about 4-5 quarts of milk to make a pound of cheese) and Calli is the mucus police or should I say a cleanser (While many of the undesirable elements we take into our body are quickly eliminated, others are not....the unique herbal extracts in Calli® assist in the body's natural cleansing processes.)... there was a war and the cheese lost.
Well as soon as the ordeal was over, I felt much better. My tummy is not so bloatie and I don't feel so stuffed. Funny.... what we eat really does make a difference. It's just crazy how fast it all happened.

Ok Sunrider... I can do this!!! Bring it on!!!!!

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  1. Wow! It's amazing how that happens... I'm the same way with cheese & dairy(ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, etc...)- I love it... but I can't have it... i have gone several months with being a good girl and this last several weeks I have given in... and I have suffered so much because of it... allergies... my body has totally rejected dairy/cheese. I found it interesting that you said that Calli helps to cleanse- and assists the body to do so... Hmmm... makes me even more interested. How much does it cost for a month's supply of Calli?


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