Friday, March 26, 2010

Week 6

 It's been a few days since my last post. I've been feeling really tired for the past 4 days. It started when I added the Fortune Delight to the mix. That's the stuff that cleans the blood of free radicals and toxins in the fat. The foods have been really working in my system and we know when we sleep that's when the body can really repair itself so there you have it.... I am under some heavy repairs. Today hasn't been so bad.. I am feeling more energized and more eager to wrestle around with my hubby so we both see that as a good sign. (hehe)

I was driving earlier this week, I saw an older woman walking with some difficulty like there was more going on then I could see and a thought came over me... I wondered how many health problems I could be avoiding now that I am taking Whole Food Nutrition. I am excited about wanting to share and eager for my results to be great but I am really having a heart change that I just didn't expect. I sincerely want to tell everyone I know about this so that they can have this great opportunity too, to be healed by the food of the land. What a concept! It's just something that I have never heard in the same sentence before... that I can be healed by what foods I put in my mouth. It is almost mind blowing to think just how many drugs have been crammed down my throat by me or by the doctor trying to take care of this or that when all I needed was nutrition! UGH!! I want to be mad but I just can't (like I said, feeling pretty good today)... I don't think many people know about this and the ones that do that can make a difference won't because pharmaceutical militia is the Kingpin of the arena.
Oh well, enough of my ranting.... I am feeling crazy good today and want to get a jump on my day. The picture above was taken of me this morning. I am 15lbs lighter all together. I seem to losing more inches then actual pounds lately. The process is slow but at least it's moving... I am thankful.

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