Wednesday, March 17, 2010

12lbs down several more to go...

                            January 2010                                                            March 2010
 I found an old pic of me on Facebook on the left and one of me taken tonight. There is really a difference here.

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  1. Wow, there is difference in the two pics. Isn't it amazing how much better we are when we are better informed about our food.

    I just started Weight Watchers for the second time around last week. I am really trying to make small lifestyle changes so that it will be a steady and healthy weight loss:)

  2. Hey thanks! I am so much happier on this side of fluffy. You know I tried weight watchers twice and the success was minimal. I would love to share Sunrider with you. I will send a dvd with the bag. You can just send it back when you're done with it.
    With the Sunrider Foods, I am really getting the results I have been looking for and my health is increasing more over.... so I am not just getting smaller I am really getting healthier! :)


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