Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Hubby...

On the way home last night, he told me," know I've been drinking the Calli, right?" I said,"uh huh." He says," When I 1st started, my head filled with a lot of pressure and I had all this snot and sleep in my eyes and coughing up stuff. I thought to myself,' Man this stuff works! I almost wanted to stop drinking it and go get me a burger!'" (He was just kidding!)

We both laughed about it... I knew right where he was coming from. These Sunrider foods are taking us to another level of nutritional reality that's uncharted and so very definite. Like my incident with cheese, I have never heard anything about cheese or any dairy products being mucus causing. I often wondered why I would have so many problems when I consumed dairy but just chalked it up to "age".

We are now being educated and are educating ourselves about nutrition and the right balance of it. It's exciting and a little scary at the same time but I got to see it through and how I will transform. I officially have lost a total of ... 14.5lbs to date! It's only been 5 weeks that I have been on the Sunrider foods and there is already a huge difference!

Peace and Love!

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