Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Testimony.... a long time coming!

Feeling like Pinocchia for years because I wanted so badly to be a regular girl with a regular sized body, regular menstrual cycle and the oppty to be a mother... just like any woman. Those desires seemed to be out of reach to me for many years.
Me before Sunrider at my heaviest!
Having been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome or disease) was a real eye opener because it not only left me infertile but was leading me down a path toward Diabetes, Heart Attack, Stroke and High Blood Pressure. Besides all of that, I hadn’t had a consistent menstrual cycle for at least 8 to almost 9 years. If I were ovulating, I never knew it!
I didn’t know that the food I was eating the very culprit in my situation. All the doctors said and all that I would read would tell me to lose weight lose weight lose weight.... but how??! I really thought I was eating a healthy diet.... the basic food groups and as the movies and commercials suggest, had dessert after my meals... because I was worth it. Heck I worked that day... why not??!
One late late night maybe even early morning I was working on my website and a commercial came on with Father Nature talking about alkaline and acidic foods, dense whole food nutrition and ph balance. Honestly it got my attention because it was something I had never really heard of before that night.
I called the number and a very bubbly, energetic woman called me back. I was almost put off by her sunny disposition but listened to what she said anyways.... she really got my attention when she asked me WHEN I WAS GOING TO WATCH THE DVD.... she must have a date so that she could follow up with me... huh...I agreed to watch it no later than Thursday night and if I were interested I’d let her know... like I was controlling something.

Anyways the DVD came as promised, my husband who I had mentioned some of what I learned to the night before was very excited to see that it came so quickly. He dropped his work bag, got a glass of water and told me to join him on the couch so we could watch it together. I laughed but obeyed. We both we astounded by what the Plain truth DVD had to offer... we actually learned something and just like that... we both had to know more. I was sold.

I started my health journey Feb 9, 2010... sick, without a menstrual cycle, seriously overweight and desperate! I got promising results in the 1st 10 days as I dropped 10 lbs! I was shocked, happy and encouraged. I started with a very meager budget and worked to get that up to be able to eat more and more foods.  I think it took maybe 8 months for my period to rev up … by 11/10 I was on a consistent cycle, my skinned began to clear, waistline began to show, I was told I was glowing by friends and family. Best part was that I knew I was on my way to becoming a real girl...woman. I so wanted to be a mother.
Hubby and I began to practice more often the recipe to making a baby and I began to show signs of having a healthy female system. I think I should mention that I stopped catching colds or even the flu when I started taking SR and eating healthy (cutting meat to practically zero). I lost 55lbs +by eating the SR foods consistently, choosing a better eating structure and by participating in the Biggest Winner (now called the Smart Food Club) most of 2011. (Not always easy but definitely worth it).

In March 2012 I suddenly came down with what felt like the Flu from hell.... I slept for 2 days straight and nothing would help it. I was baffled. I thought that it must have been something terrible going around to have caught me... I hadn’t been sick since the end of 2008. Nausea followed and hubby encouraged me to take a preggie test... the 1st was a dud (or so I thought) but the second one... lit up like a Christmas tree...! We were Pregnant! After 10 years of marriage, prayers, tears, disappointments, pleadings with the Lord and just silence.. we were chosen. I still can hardly believe it. On January 19, 2013... I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, bouncy baby boy named Mikael Lee. He has brought joy, love, and laughter but most of all ....hope.

Just a few minutes old
I’ve learned that God answers prayers differently than the way we pray them. That timing is everything and that I needed to clean my house (this temple in which I dwell) before someone could live in it and survive.

I’d like to thank the Lord God for sending me to SR, Dr. Chen for sharing his knowledge and expertise on dense whole food nutrition, for Dr. Patti for sticking with me on this journey, for Elaine for seeing a problem and creating the Biggest Winner Program to help me and so many others become winners at weight loss. 
2 weeks 

3 months

 I am just so grateful.

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  1. Marion - That is just awesome, awesome stuff. I am so proud of you and Kenneth, and having been raised by organic, whole foods parents, I did not realize the gift they gave me until I got older and saw how all of my peers were eating. Our bodies are a temple, and right thoughts on eating are part of how we honor God in His big design for living. Your new beautiful child will be blessed for this!!


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