Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Smoothie Anyone?

I think if I weren't such an outgoing type personality that I wouldn't find out about anything! So there I am in my local fresh produce store shopping for my fabulous Vegan lifestyle and a rather, fit attractive woman was beside me carefully selecting a variety of dark green leaf vegetables and placing them in her basket. I looked over because she was picking a small amount of so many different types (mustard, kale, collard, spinach, chard etc.) I just had to know what she was planning on doing with such a small amount of so many leaves. She simply answered, "I make Green Smoothies with them." and kept right on picking away. "Green what??!" "Green Smoothies." " Really?! How did you hear about that??" "I read a book called 'The Green Smoothie Revolution'." and on her way she went with a smile.
I was determined to remember the title so as soon as I got home, I googled it and there it was, a book about Green Smoothie's 'The Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health by Victoria Boutenko'. I decided to purchase one on and when it arrived I dove right in. I was surprised how very truthful and clear cut the reading was. I didn't read any weird chants or hippie way of doing things in the book but just a honest truth about a woman and her family who were very sick that met a lady who helped her start the on green smoothies and how they all got better together. Diabetes went away, rashes cleared up, blood pressures lowered,weight was loss and so on (don't want be a Spoiler).
I was intriged and decided to give it a try. I don't have the fancy high speed blender but what I do have works just fine and the smoothie's taste great! We love them! I mix my NuPlus right into the batch and away I go. I have crazy energy and better mental clarity and I just feel better.
I am realizing that we can take better care of our selves if we would just eat they way the Father designed. Everything we need has been already given to us and we make the mistake trying to reinvent what has already been perfected and we are sick, infertile, cancerous, exhausted, angry and dying. I wish with all my heart that I could stand at the highest point with the loudest bullhorn and tell everybody to "WAKE UP!!". We are going through some very unnecessary procedures, we are malnourished and refuse to change. Yes, change is hard but it is so very worth it.
Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Roman 12:2
A new mind, a transformation and a change must occur now or we will die without ever really living in this life. Spiritually, Nutritionally, Humanly. We need a change.

I also recommend for those who like the facts: Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko  Both of these books are excellent, informative and easy to read.

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